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House Painting

Photo: shingled house in poor shape

Photo: After shingles are cleaned and stained

In painting, the prep work is 75% of the job. In wood restoration, it is even more important because you are applying transparent materials, and any blemishes in the wood will show through.

Our technicians are trained to thoroughly clean the wood surface with the necessary means before applying the preservative. Usually, high-pressure power washing will do; but it is sometimes necessary to use stain removers and acid washes to properly clean the wood. Many homes in Marin County are built on precarious hillsides. Difficult access is one of our specialty services.


Photo: House before solid stain applied

Photo: House after solid stain applied

1. The Cleaning Process

  • If your wood has serious tannin stains, a light solution of oxalic acid and detergent will be applied to brighten the wood and help in the cleaning process.
  • If severe fungi, mold and mildew exist, we apply a light anti-fungal chlorine solution to kill organisms that can inhabit deep into the wood fabric.
  • All openings around windows, doors, and eaves are caulked with a silicon sealer if a risk of leakage from power washing exists.
  • Your wood is then carefully power washed with between 2,000 and 3,000 P.S.I. of water pressure. Power washing essentially removes the top layer of dead wood fibers much the same way sandblasters remove rust from metal. Our technicians are trained to carefully maintain an approximate 45-degree spray angle and stay with the wood grain to avoid excess fraying of the wood surface.
  • The wood is allowed to dry for 48 hours, at which time the wood must be prepped for staining. The wood is then brushed and sanded to remove any fraying or splintering of the wood.

2. The Application Process

  • The application goal with TWP is to saturate the wood fibers without having the product “puddle” on the surface. After an initial application is made with roller and brush, a second coat is applied approximately an hour later if the wood will accept more product. This process is referred to as, two wet on wet coats.
  • If the wood is older and porous, we recommend adding 10 to 20 percent TWP series 200 with “Radcon”, to add more solids; thus increasing the protection factor. Click here to learn more about TWP and our product blending philosophy.

Photo: Home before solid stain to wood

Photo: Home after solid stain to wood

Natural Wood Homes

  • After the wood has dried for a minimum of 48 hours, and the wood has been prepped; plastic is placed around all window, doors, light fixtures, concrete surfaces, and plant life.
  • After evaluating the condition of the wood and discussing the individual desires of the client, we formulate the appropriate blend of TWP series 500 and series 200 (with Radcon). Click here to learn more about TWP and our product blending philosophy.
  • Two wet-on-wet coats are applied with an airless sprayer.
  • The plastic is then removed, and the post-application cleaning process begins. The windows and any metal or painted trim are cleaned; and all debris and materials are removed from sight.
  • A final walk-through is done with the foreman and the client, to assure that all work has been completed to the client’s satisfaction.

We want to thank you and your crew for the splendid painting job you performed on our house. In the past year we worked with a half dozen contractors and subcontractors while we had our house remodeled. We can say without hesitation that Nor-Cal Wood Restoration was the best group we had. First of all you gave us excellent information in advising us what needed to be done. You gave us a prompt and comprehensive estimate at a fair price with excellent value. We had lower bids, but with markedly inferior products and/or service. We also had much higher bids that hardly matched your standards. Second, you allowed us to modify some of the painting scheme and gave us exchange credit that was fair, even generous. Our normal experience with contractors has been that we do not get much credit if we omit something from the contract, but we do get charged exorbitantly if we add anything. Third, your crew, particularly Blaine and Hans were wonderfully professional in the very best sense of the term. They were friendly, courteous, did great work, kept us informed of their scheduling (and kept their appointments!). Fourth, they were outstanding in the little details that make them standout amoung workers: no loud blaring of radios, no swearing or loud yelling, keeping the premises clean, parking their trucks so they would not adversely impact those living near us-often overlooked things that help us keep good relations with our neighbors. Finally Blaine and Hans came over to make a final inspection and toured the house with us to ensure that everything looked well. Those details that did not meet their standards, they cheerfully fixed immediately. (This was not the usual contractors final inspection that turns into an adversarial give and take!) It has been a long and difficult remodeling year. The house looks wonderful. Having an outstanding contractor at the end is like having a wonderfully tasty crème brulee at the end of a special meal. Thanks for helping us end our project on such a high and pleasant note! 

Sincerely, Maria and Harry Goya


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