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Photo: Wood siding restored and stained

Out of respect for the privacy of our clients we have not included their addresses and telephone numbers.
Please contact us by phone for our reference list: (415) 389-9663

Residential Testimonials

“After the work was completed, my 25 year old Redwood house, wood shingle siding, and decks came back to life. If you are considering a way to give your wood a “face-lift”– Think Nor-Cal Wood Restoration – they’re fast, efficient and competitively priced!”

Tiburon, California

“I am a scientist and an allergy, mold and fungi sufferer. After Nor-Cal Wood Restoration power washed my decks, they not only looked beautiful and clean but my asthma and allergies cleared soon thereafter. I recommend them very highly.”

Regina Casadei
Tiburon, California

When our house was built in 1972 it had redwood plywood siding and redwood decks. When we bought it in 1988 we knew that it was a matter of time before we have to replace the siding and do repairs on the deck.We replaced the siding with singles a couple of years ago.

When we decided to have the decks washed and preserved I was concerned that we might be doing a face lift on wood with no life left in it. I was wrong. Under years of grime and oxidation there was healthy viable wood. With a few minor repairs our decks have many years of life left in them.

Thanks so much for a job well done. We appreciate your attention to detail, including the clean up when you were done. We are now thinking about having you wash and preserve our shingles, which are beginning to oxidize in the hot Marin sun.

Pam Swartout



We want to thank you and your crew for the splendid painting job you performed on our house. In the past year we worked with a half dozen contractors and subcontractors while we had our house remodeled. We can say without hesitation that Nor-Cal Wood Restoration was the best group we had. First of all you gave us excellent information in advising us what needed to be done. You gave us a prompt and comprehensive estimate at a fair price with excellent value. We had lower bids, but with markedly inferior products and/or service. We also had much higher bids that hardly matched your standards. Second, you allowed us to modify some of the painting scheme and gave us exchange credit that was fair, even generous. Our normal experience with contractors has been that we do not get much credit if we omit something from the contract, but we do get charged exorbitantly if we add anything. Third, your crew, particularly Blaine and Hans were wonderfully professional in the very best sense of the term. They were friendly, courteous, did great work, kept us informed of their scheduling (and kept their appointments!). Fourth, they were outstanding in the little details that make them standout amoung workers: no loud blaring of radios, no swearing or loud yelling, keeping the premises clean, parking their trucks so they would not adversely impact those living near us-often overlooked things that help us keep good relations with our neighbors. Finally Blaine and Hans came over to make a final inspection and toured the house with us to ensure that everything looked well. Those details that did not meet their standards, they cheerfully fixed immediately. (This was not the usual contractors final inspection that turns into an adversarial give and take!) It has been a long and difficult remodeling year. The house looks wonderful. Having an outstanding contractor at the end is like having a wonderfully tasty crème brulee at the end of a special meal. Thanks for helping us end our project on such a high and pleasant note!

Maria and Harry Goya



We’ve already told you both many times how happy we are with the restoration you accomplished on our darkened, cedar-shake home. The sides and decks are now truly beautiful, and we’re very pleased with color blend you were able to achieve. We’re also aware that Blaine’s climbing skills made it possible to do the entire job without scaffolding, even on our steep slope. Truly remarkable, and quite a cost saving for us! One of the best compliments we’ve received is that all our neighbors think it looks very good. Needless to say, we will be delighted to recommend your work to anyone that might inquire. Pleas simply tell them to drive by our house any time and see for themselves. Thanks again.

Herb and Janet Peterson



Thank you for doing just an outstanding job. Sharon and I were so excited to see our decks come back to life. And you didn’t hold it against me with your bill considering I’m your Tax Collector.

Michael J. Smith
Marin County Tax Collector

Commercial Testimonial

Photo: Portal Commercial Building Refinished

Portal Logo

Dear Blaine, Paul and Crew,

We want to share with you our satisfaction and that of the employees of Portal Publications with the excellent job you have just completed on power washing and preserving the natural wood shingles on our building.

Having worked with many contractors and workmen, we have experienced our faire share of frustration and disappointment with their style and productivity. However, with Marin Wood Restoration and Painting Company, we had a very positive expereince.

Your bid presentation was excellent, leaving no doubt about the parameters of the job. We knew exactly what you were proposing and not stone was left unturned. Your clearly defined list of upgrades was especially helpful in our decision making.

We particularly appreciated being kept informed of progress on a daily basis as well as the excellent information and advice on what needed to be done and what our options were. The crews were professional, polite, friendly, unobtrusive, and attentive to detail. They worked hard and never wasted time. They appeared to really enjoy their work and were not satisfied until things were done right.

The artists in our building, a perfectionist crew, very articulate in expressing their opinions, were very pleased with not only the quality of the work but the fact that they were not disturbed or interrupted in their own workday schedules. Our visitors and vendors have commented on the quality of the owrk and the conscientiousness or the crews.

And last but not least, we felt the price was fair.

Thank you so much for providing such a good expereince for all of us a Portal Publications. We look forward to your return to pain the trim after the first of the year. It would be our pleasure to provide a reference for you if needed.


Portal signatures

Mary Christensen, Administrative Manager
Kathryn Kelly, Office Manager

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